Meetings, from their formal apologies to their little tick box tasks, their management speak bingo to their frantic scribblings towards the end.  Fantastically misspelt names, complete abandonment of the agenda and all known formalities un-adhered to.  Your average office meeting will race along while 80% of the attendees eat the sandwiches and stay quiet, and 20% of the workforce do all the talking and, by default, get given all the tasks.

The minute taker will then, somehow, re-allocate them to who they think it should be or who they think the initials were in their notes and you end up with the facilities management conducting the next ‘Introduction to Lean Philosophy’ talk, quite successfully I might add, while the Director of Finance fixes the boiler, thinking he must have misunderstood something quite fundamental about his position.

Minutes of meetings are the aged stalwarts of bygone enterprises, banging on the gates of the internet shouting about ‘apologies’ and ‘any other business’.

There will always need to be a record of meetings that take place and that record will always need to be taken by a human being, lest the scathing wit of the ‘executive assistants’ gets taken seriously from a computer transcript, and the HR department gets renamed the ‘HAG RAVEN’ department in the next department restructuring.

We are still doing minutes the same way that we always did. Exactly the same. Yes, we invite everyone through email and, yes, we can send out little tick lists and questionnaires but there still must be a person taking notes or recording the meeting in order that that same person types it all up later, and that is the bit no-one wants to do.

Well except me. I do want to do the minutes, I want to minute my little head off. I am a very happy minute taker, I have a handle on the protocol and I am very happy to type them up and send out an agenda for the following meeting. I am friendly and presentable. I am very professional and my attention to detail is impeccable. I promise I will never allocate tasks off my own back or restructure the HR department.

I charge £30 an hour, min of one hour then to the nearest 15 mins, I will usually charge double the length of the meeting so a two hour meeting will be charged at four hrs to include the typing up and distribution of the minutes and any other admin stuff that needs doing like obtaining email addresses etc to send them to.
I am based in Loughborough but am happy to travel, subject to travel costs etc.
Drop me a bell if you need my assistance, or email me at claire.noden@nodenva.com