I offer the following admin services, this is not an exclusive list therefore if there are other tasks you need doing please ask and I will let you know if they fall within my skill set.

Creating, editing and updating documents, guides and templates

How it could work – you can either scan in or email me your rough notes or documents you want to put together, I will then format them and produce the document you are after. From list form to fully page numbered, and indexed, I can produce any document your business requires.

Online research

How it could work – give me the parameters of your research and the goal you are trying to achieve, and I will collate all the information into a report or even just a page of links for you to explore at your leisure.

Diary, email and calendar management

How it could work – I can spend time going through your email accounts, deleting, unsubscribing and creating rules so that your inbox runs a lot smoother – almost an inbox ‘MOT’ as it were, or I can share control of the box and forward relevant emails to you at a particular part of the day if need be. I can create a schedule on a weekly basis based on your emails or calendar requests if that suits you more. You decide what would work best for you and your business and let me know.

Blog set up, writing and scheduling

How it could work – setting up a blog can be daunting but invaluable for your online presence, let me help you with this. We can talk about the type of image you are going for and you can send through any articles you want uploading or images you need to be added. I will look after it, replying to comments if need be, and generally increasing your followers.

Data entry, Shopify and eBay

How it could work – good old data entry, the backbone of all business, I will go through that pile of business cards and enter your contact details, I will take that pile of receipts and put them on a spreadsheet, I will even pull reports from existing data sheets if you tell me what you are looking for. I am experienced in using Shopify and eBay and am happy to update product descriptions or prices as well. Let me know what you need.

As with all things, at first it may seem odd handing over your ‘to do’ list to a virtual assistant. It may seem impossible to complete the tasks without physically being in the office, and this is of course true for some administrative procedures, but there are many that just do not require a person to be in the office 9-5, 5 days per week and that is where I come in. Even if you are not sure if it can be done, get in contact, I will probably have the solution you are looking for.